Stateside Associates Will Help You with Government Affairs Needs

Perhaps you run the state PTA or you are advocating for children on a state level. You understand the importance of influencing legislators or the governor, or organizations that can make a difference for your group. Unfortunately, you do not have experience in this area nor do you have the time to monitor activities on the state level. Furthermore, you do not know which events are important to attend or which legislators can have the biggest impact on your advocacy success. You need help. Ideally, you are looking for a lobbying-type of organization that works at the state and local level and has a record of success. You might look into a government affairs firm, such as Stateside Associates.

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A government affairs firm is not a lobbying organization. Rather, it provides advice and guidance on how best to get your organization’s concerns heard at the state or local level and to understand which legislators are involved in activities that impact your agency or company. For example, clients have engaged Stateside Associates to monitor social and other media for statements by government officials about client interests. The firm has created websites for clients to promote the interests of that client, while educating constituents and interacting with them. Other clients have asked them to provide the inside, back room stories of legislative wrangling that impacts those clients’ interests.

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Generally, in government affairs as in so much of life, forewarned is forearmed. If your agency or association receives information from a firm like Stateside Associates, you know who is on your side and who needs influence and persuasion to change sides. You know where to spend lobbying dollars and the best ways to promote your group’s interests. Most state-level groups can benefit from the help of government affairs firms. It would be in your interest to contact one for an informational meeting.

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